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Meetings & minutes


  • If you would like to attend one of our open CMF board meetings, please email us to get the Zoom link.



If you have any questions about the agenda or minutes, please email:

Marlene Farrell, CMF Coordinator:

Board Members

Board Member
Fundraising Committee Co-chair & Volunteer Coordinator
Chair & Golf Committee Co-chair
Board Member
Vice Chair Golf Comm Co-chair
Governance Comm Chair
Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair
Home & Garden Co-Chair
Board Member
Benevolent Night & Donor Rel Comm Co-chair
Benevolent Night & Donor Rel Comm Co-chair
Board Member
Executive Committee Member at Large
Exec Comm Member-at_Large & Fundraising Comm Co-chair
Secretary & Home & Garden Comm Co-chair
Board Member


Cascade Medical Foundation Coordinator